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Renting the Stinson House

The Stinson House is available for rental for functions such as weddings, receptions, teas, luncheons, and parties.  The original kitchen area at athe back of the house has been modified to include a sink, cabinetry, refrigerators, and microwave oven.  


The base rental fee for the house and gardens is $250 an hour plus the cost of hiring security if wine or beer will be served.  The base fee for rental of the garden areas only is $100 an hour.  A refundable deposit is required for all events.  


If you are interested in renting the house or grounds, please click HERE  to review the FOA rental policy and fees.  Call 430-235-5461 regarding availability and to finalize your reservation.  



History of the Stinson House

The Stinson House was built in 1869 by James A. Stinson in the Speer community--about 15 miles east of Quitman at the intersection of Highway 154 and CR 312.  Stinson moved to East Texas from Georgia with his daughter Sallie where he bought extensive timber and farm lands and started a large sawmill that sold lumber across the state.  The Stinson house was constructed of virgin pine and hardwood from Wood County.  


Sallie Stinson married Jim Hogg in April 1874 in the Stinson House.  Jim Hogg later became the first native born Texas governor.  When he and Sallie were married, he held his first political office as Justice of the Peace in Quitman.  They had four children, three boys and a girl named Ima.  Ima Hogg was instrumental in having the Stinson House moved to its current site (at the back of the Governor Hogg Park) in 1969.  


The kitchen of the house is separated from the main house by a breezeway which was common at that time to keep heat and risk of fire from affecting the entire residence.  The house has six fireplaces (one in each room). Central air and heat as well as electrical lights have been added.  A room off the front porch that is separate from the main house was originally used by the family for workers or travelers to spend the night.  That room has been converted to a bathroom.


After the house was moved to its current location it was owned and operated by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.  The house served as a museum and housed Hogg family furniture for several years until the museum was closed due to lack of funding.  The house then sat empty and unused for a number of years until it was finally incorporated into the Arboretum in October of 2009.


If you are interested in touring the Stinson House, call 430-235-5461.

Quitman Arboretum Film History

Quitman, Texas became a film friendly community in February 2016.  Pam Riley, who created the Quitman Arboertum, is also the film liasion for the city of Quitman and surrounding communities.  Quitman provides a variety of rural and small town settings for the filming industry and we welcome you to explore what we have to offer.  Go to the Texas Film Commission website to see pictures of possible film sites in the area.  Recently: 


The Quitman Arboretum was the site for a short film shot in March 2016 and created by students of the University of Texas in Austin.   Written and directed by Leo Aguirre, "Youth and Young Manhood" is a coming of age story filmed entirely at the Stinson House and in the surrounding gardens. 
















Leo and crew hard at work on the front porch of the Stinson House.

In May 2015 the Quitman Arboretum was one of the Wood County sites chosen for the filming of "Jerico," a dramatic comedy created by Brandon and Seckeita Lewis.  In fact, the historic George Bridge, located in the Arboretum, is featured in the movie poster.  


In March 2016, Jerico was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.  So the world will now see this incredible movie (and the Quitman Arobertum)!


You can find out more about Jerico on their Facebook page (jericothemovie).  

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