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Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus) is also called Burning bush due to its red or purple seed capsules. Eastern wahoo is a large, clumping, deciduous shrub which can develop into a small tree, 20-25 ft. tall. Twigs are lime-green and bordered by corky lines. Leaves are the same lime-green, turning red in fall. Small purple flowers are succeeded by showy fruits. The crimson pods split in mid-autumn to reveal scarlet-coated seeds which hang on far into winter. Wahoo grows on wooded slopes, bluffs and open woods. Wahoo was a Dakota term for the plant, literally meaning arrow-wood.


Uses: Wahoo can be used for wildlife food and cover. Fruit is eaten by a number of species of birds including wild turkey. The powdered bark was used by American Indians and pioneers as a purgative.

Wahoo or Burning Bush