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Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata), the most widely distributed of the southern yellow pines, is a large tree with broad, open crown. This is a 50-100 ft. pine with short, spreading branches forming a pyramidal crown that opens with age. Bright green, 3-5 in. needles grow in clusters of 2 or 3. The bark is scaly and dark on young trees. Trunks of larger trees have broad, flat, reddish-brown plates. The tree produces both a pale purple male cone and a pale pink female cone. The Shortleaf Pine grows best in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. It will tolerate some light shade. It will also tolerate a wide range of soils but prefers sandy loams.


This is the pine tree that grows at the Arboretum.


Uses: Shortleaf pine can be used for windbreak and reforestation. Wildlife benefit is cover.

Pine, Shortleaf