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Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is native in 15 southeastern states. Among the fastest-growing southern pines, it is extensively cultivated in forest plantations for pulpwood and lumber. It is loosely pyramidal in youth and develops a dense oval crown at maturity as it loses its lower branches. The straight trunk can grow 2-3 feet thick. The tree has 5- to 8-inch slender needles in clusters of 3, rarely 2 or 4. As the tree ages, the bark thickens forming irregular, flaky plates that reveal a dark chocolate color when removed. In spring, red to yellow male flowers and yellow to purple female flowers mature in clusters. The Loblolly Pine will grow in medium to wet soils in full sun and prefers moist, acidic soils with poor drainage. Height at maturity is 90 ft.


Uses: Loblolly pine can be used for windbreak, reforestation, and cover. Wildlife benefit is cover.

Pine, Loblolly